Surf the Land on a Carver Skateboard and Improve your Surfing!

Carver skateboards are great. The technique you use to ride them really helps your surfing, and the feeling of cruising and weaving along a smooth road is next to none! Best of all, you can try it out on our resident Carver board at Offshore. Even if you’ve never tried it before, there are so many reasons to give it a go.

We first heard about Carver skateboards a few years back – the skateboard that lets you surf the land! We were so excited by this thought, both Char and I living in Bristol at the time and thus not the closest to the sea, we had to get one.

Carver Skateboard

The trucks work in a different way to other skateboards. They’re built to give a fluid movement, emulating what it’s like to be on a surfboard. It really feels the same, and it lets you carve, glide and pump the board to gain speed as you would in the water. Not only does it feel incredible, like you’re surfing the streets, but it helps develop your balance and your manouvres. The muscles used are the same as the ones you use when surfing, so it really helps your technique in the water.

As you dare to gain more speed, pump harder and make sharper turns, you can really start to develop your cutbacks and bottom turns, if you’re in that sort of territory. If you’re still developing your surfing skills as an intermediate, it’s just as helpful. As you start to learn what it feels like to carve across a green wave, you realise it really is a full-body motion. The drive for turning comes not just from your feet but from your torso, hips and arms. This familiarity with your body’s momentum really helps you reach a new level in the water.

Carver Skateboard
I learned how to skate on my Carver. I’ve taken it to Barcelona and had a laugh sweeping along the waterfront and carving through the busy streets of the Gothic quarter. I’ll pretty much take it anywhere I know there will be decent spaces for it. At Offshore, there’s all the benefits of the brand new roads, the boardwalk to Taghazout and car parks across the road from us – endless fun. Trust us, you’ll be hooked!

See it for yourself here:

And keep your eyes peeled for more pictures!


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  1. Knarly blog, Ive been surfing since I was kid but never nailed a green wave, do you have a website for offshore? Peace and love X

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