Imsouane is held dear to the hearts of Moroccan locals and tourists alike. Most of all, it’s a critical stop-off on any surfer’s travel list. If it’s not on yours, it should be!

Here at OSS we’ll take you on a road trip to Imsouane when the conditions are just perfect for that two-minute ride in. About an hour’s drive with us from Tamraght, the rolling, crumbling waves are perfect for longboarders, new surfers, and those who just like a bit of time to get to their feet!

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why we love taking a trip to Imsouane with our guests…


Imsouane Surf

The best thing about Imsouane is the extraordinary surf conditions. The swell peaks at the point and sweeps into the huge bay, connecting three peaks to form one lengthy, peeling, chilled-out ride in. If you catch the wave through each of the three peaks, you’ll be surfing for at least two minutes, or maybe more. The feeling of catching one of these mellow waves on a sizeable day is second to none!

Imsouane Surf

If you’re a longboarder, you’ll have plenty of time to practice your manoeuvres and that all-important hang ten, something you might not always get the right conditions to practice.


Imsouane Surf

The view from the top of the hill looking down at Imsouane Bay is absolutely stunning. It’s so far away, but a perfect perspective of the unique waves. From up here, surfers are merely specks you can hardly make out, but what you can see is the sheer length of the journey. Once you catch a wave all the way in, it’s much quicker to get out and walk back to the lineup! Bet you can’t say you’ve done that before.


Imsouane Surf

One of our favourite things to do with our guests after surfing (if we’re not all too tired) is to glide around Imsouane’s smooth roads on our beloved carver skateboard. We love teaching guests to skate if they don’t already know how, and what better way to learn than on a big, empty road? Here’s Barack showing us how it’s done.


Imsouane Surf

We love the long, winding roads through the tranquil hills at the foot of the Atlas. Windows down, tunes on the radio, surfboards up top, is there anything better than the journey to a new surf spot?

Imsouane Surf

The first thing you’ll spot is Anchor Point. This notorious break, a rite of passage for every travelling surfer, is instantly recognisable with its point break and huge palm trees.

Imsouane Surf

No trip into the mountains would be complete without stumbling upon some tree goats, right?! These quirky characters never fail to entertain us on our road trips, and we’re always up for snapping a few shots.

Book a package with us now to give this beautiful break a go! Send us a quick message on our contact page and we’ll get straight back to you. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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