Hiking brings each of us back to the core of who we are. Standing bare bones, with nothing but what can be carried, we are free to explore our identities in relation to what surrounds us. It’s easy to get caught up in the narrative of what our role in this complicated society may be. That’s why there’s something so pure about the feeling of returning to the wild; to the serenity that reminds us why we do what we do. The best way to ease a busy mind is to allocate time for exploration. Nurturing self-discovery brings mental clarity, and what better way to do that than to take a walk outside in the Moroccan mountains? 

Berber Hiking was founded by the creators of Offshore Surf Morocco, to celebrate the love of retreating to nature on flat or windy days when the surf is off! In the surrounding areas of Tamraght – Morocco, Berber hiking guides adventure seekers through a silent world away from the hustle of our daily lives.

As Morocco’s coast continues to draw in new faces from all corners of the globe, the region’s booming tourism sector is ever expanding. It’s important not to let this overshadow the North African history because the magic in this land is full of insights known only to those who were raised in this region. Berber Hiking invites travellers to become a part of this inside perspective, where the interactive hiking experiences intertwine cultural values with playful banter in a way that is truly novel. 

Mbarek grew up in the small village of Aourir, where he learned to swim in the Oued Sous River, learned to surf at Banana Point, and became familiar with  Paradise Valley where Youssef, another of our dedicated guides grew up. Berber hiking tours are designed to share local knowledge, traditions, and stories while leading hikers through an epic adventure off the beaten path. The Berber hiking guides’ knowledge of native plants, animals and the landscape has been passed down through generations. Not only do they know all sorts of useful tips about what can be used for medicine, or where to find prehistoric fossils, but they will also translate stories from local families who can offer their own input on what the mountains mean to them. All guides are fluent in English, French, Arabic, and Amazigh, so transcultural communication comes second nature to them. 

Since the idea is to be able to share the experience with everyone, Berber Hiking trips can be adapted to suit all levels. Choose a tranquil walk amidst Argan trees or a more challenging journey above the skyline. Hikes can be customised with varying distances and terrains and all hikes include transportation, home-cooked traditional meals tailored to dietary preferences. For fully inclusive stays accommodation at Offshore Surf Camp and local homestays during longer hiking trips is also included. 

Words: Becka Harvey

Photos: Offshore Surf Morocco

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