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Surfing is on the rise around the world and Morocco is reaping the benefits of this surf industry boom, as surfers from all over flock to its North African shoreline for World Class Waves, winter sun and a whole load of culture. This is great for the local economy, but not so great for our surfing sessions when everyone ends up at the same beach!

This is exactly what we want to avoid at Offshore Surf Morocco and so our groups are never bigger than 4 surfers per coach to allow you the attention and training you need to develop your surfing level.  Your surf coach will allow you a say in where you surf, offering the best options for the day, regardless of distance and time.

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Sometimes this means waking up before first light, when the conditions are right, to get to the spot before anyone else.  But whether it’s first or last light, if the waves are pumping, we will get you to the spot that works best for your ability.  We go by the tides, the weather and the swell, rather than a fixed schedule.  No two days will be the same, prepare yourself for a unique adventure into the Moroccan surfing world with an epic trip to Offshore Surf Morocco!

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Taking you to uncrowded breaks to allow you to surf at your best, whilst keeping you safe and happy is our priority.  We use video and photo analysis to progress your surfing further whilst out of the water.  These land sessions with your coach are just as beneficial as your practical surfing time, everything is fixed on solid ground before heading to the ocean.  Using repetition and eventually muscle memory, we will perfect your style and balance by making adjustments to your stance so that when you hit the waves, your new position will become second nature and allow you to focus on the next challenge in your surfing – MANEUVERS!

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