Not only do we love yoga because it chills us out, we love it because it holds the power to develop our surfing skills. We’ve put together our favourite poses that will help hone your skills so that you’ll really notice a difference when you get in the water. If you’re coming to stay with us for a surf and yoga retreat, or just want the practice, try these easy poses. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be flexible!

yogi doing the dolphin yoga pose


Start by grasping alternate elbows with your hands to ensure equal spacing. Then, without moving your elbows, move your hands to clasp together. Lift yourself into a plank position, and walk your feet towards your hands. This is the full position – a lot like Downward-Facing Dog but with your forearms on the floor. If this is easy, gently lower yourself to touch your chin on your hands, and repeat this motion ten or twenty times. It targets all the hard to reach muscles in your back and shoulders needed for surfing!

Bow yoga back bend pose on a wooden studio floor


This dynamic pose is an all-round great posture for surfers. Every muscle in the backs of your legs and glutes work to raise your chest from the floor. In doing this, the chest is opened, making for a revitalising stretch for the chest, shoulders and upper back. It’s also great for working those all-important back muscles needed for paddling and turning.

Yoga pose to help with surfing skills


This classic pose helps develop your core muscles, vital for popping up, keeping your balance and turning efficiently. Tense your core, lean back and try to relax your shoulders and breathe steadily. Hold for one minute, and try alternating with raising your arms, holding them behind your back, and holding them to each side.

side plank yoga pose

Side plank

Side plank offers a whole bunch of benefits for your surfing skills. The latissimus dorsi, or lats, along the side of your body benefit from this pose, much needed for initiating turns. Keeping a steady gaze on the hand in the air is also great balance practice.

crane yoga arm balance


For when you just want to show off and learn something cool, work on the Crane pose! Start with the easier Crow variation (elbows to knees) and play around with your balance and strength. This pose takes concentration, core and upper body strength and balance – all things we need for strong surfing.

We hope these poses come in handy for your surf training! The best way to improve your surfing of course, is to surf. Or even better, stay with us at the home of surf progression in Morocco, Offshore Surf. Take a look at our packages and leave us a message – we’d love to hear from you.

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