I took the Olympus OM10 everywhere on this trip and it paid off. Special mention: Gingi the cat.


Photos by: Elle, Olympus OM10

This was such a great trip. Holly and I stayed at Offshore Surf with Char & Barack. Although we only stayed for five days, we managed to pack so much in – we shopped at the souks and drank sugar cane juice (with its MANY health benefits), played with Gingi the clingy cat and hunted dinosaur footprints at Anza beach. In the few surf lessons we had, Holly’s surfing leaped from its humble white-water beginnings to green wave cruising with no in between – a testament to Morocco’s brilliant intermediate waves and Barack’s spot-on teaching.

Imsouane beach was the real highlight – smooth, never-ending rides to the shore give this break the title of ‘Morocco’s longest wave’, perfect for long boarders – and short boarders too, if you want. It’s such a crazy natural phenomenon that really makes you appreciate the power of the sea. A must-see for surfers around the world, as long as you keep an eye out for the fisher boats. There really isn’t anything like gliding along a super slow wave before it’s broken, and knowing you’ve got such a long time to enjoy the feeling before you eventually wipeout.

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