Photo by: Char

The swell hit Morocco too, you know. Anchor Point was pumping and full to the brim with those brave enough to hit the water and was bursting with spectators last week.

Mbarek had a field day, getting down amongst right handers of up to 25 feet.  A little after two hours ripping it, he emerged from the chaotic sea.  Char, knowing there was no WAY he would be ready to leave yet, knew something was up.

Anchor point

Rather the board than Barack I suppose.

Taking board number two out to replace his disgraced gun, back off he ran into the giant swell for another few hours.  “you don’t miss an opportunity like this when it comes, I would surf all night as well, if I could see the waves!!” – Mbark.

Arriving before sunrise, we thought it wouldn’t be right to leave just as the sun was setting, and so a complete day spent at Anchor Point ended spectacularly as the sky lit up in it’s mesmerising golden glow, reminding us once more of the absolute power and beauty of this planet.



Note: Both Barack and surfboard came out in-tact after round 2..!

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