After reading an article published on the Inertia recently, we were so happy to see it outlining everything that is important to us at Offshore Surf – taking care of your body by being conscious of what you put into it.. and in the case of sunblocks and creams – even on it.

This is a topic that has become more and more poignant in our lifestyle here, and making choices to positively impact our health and well-being  is something we want to share with everyone who visits us in Morocco.  Not only because of the never ending health benefits of ‘clean eating’ but more so with Offshore Surf, for the reason of keeping our surfers happy and energetic in the water for longer, to improve their stamina and thus how much they are able to progress in their surfing; even in as short a space of time as a weeks surf trip.
When you come to us to improve your surfing, we know how important it is to spend as much time as possible here in the water.  To maximise this precious surf time, it is our responsibility and mission to fuel these bodies correctly to have you feeling fantastically fit and ready to take on any waves all day long, even at the end of your week (our yoga sessions will help with this too!).  There’s nothing worse than going away on a surf trip, or travelling for any active holiday, seeing the waves pumping, breathing in the fresh clean air and feeling just that little bit too tired to get out there, or to catch that one more wave…Game over! We can guarantee you will not feel like this at Offshore..!


Very conscious to not inflict our ‘accidentally vegan’, plant based, zero added sugar way of living onto any of our family, friends or guests, we just try to make super tasty, organic, fresh and all locally sourced food to show how easy and enjoyable it can be to eat well.  Converting peoples diets into what we follow is not what we want to do, but if we can show just a handful of small changes that can make a huge impact on your health, by altering some of your food choices then we are happy.  You will be amazed at the difference in how you feel in such a short amount of time, even simply by swapping your boxed breakfast cereal or porridge for homemade over-night oats each morning, it will give you so much lasting energy, to hit those waves feeling pumped.

We all want to surf at our best, to live a healthy life and to feel great, but when we feed our bodies nutrient deficient foods and even worse – food with harmful additives, chemicals or GMOs, we aren’t giving our bodies a lot of help.  The worst part is that a lot of food labeling is misleading consumers into believing they are buying a healthy, wholesome product which in actual fact, can contain more sugar or fructose corn syrup than a can of coca cola.  Buying packaged, frozen or tinned food makes it harder than ever to take control over our diets, to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies and to choose what we consume, because so many of the ingredients are disguised or in the case of GMOs, not even labeled.



I know how hard this is to avoid though, I lived in Bristol (U.K) for 25 years, where supermarkets and express stores are everywhere you look, selling nothing but processed, packaged food (granted, they do have a few crates of fruit and veg).  A lot of the time, it can even seem more expensive to go for the healthier option, especially when it comes to imported fruit or grains.  Try to stick with locally grown fruits and vegetables that not only make your food choices more eco friendly, but will greatly reduce your spending.  Not only this, but all the produce that travels overseas to get to your local store has gone through a process of rigorous preservative treatment to ensure it keeps its shape, colour and taste in the days/ weeks that it is in transit for.  Not to good for your body- make sure you wash all fresh food well before you eat it whether locally grown or imported.

Living in Morocco makes all of this a whole lot easier I must admit – but that’s not to say that I couldn’t have done this in Bristol by finding a local farmers market and shopping there instead – there are plenty all over town, bursting with in-season, fresh produce, and zero plastic!  If you plan your meals and shop exactly for what you will prepare, you will find that your weekly expenditure for food actually decreases.  Preparation makes eating right so easy and you will never, ever feel hungry!


We shop at the local souk every Wednesday to get our fruit and vegetables, grains, pulses, salads and dried fruit and nuts, of course all of our bananas come from banana village (Aourir), and our home made milk is made from from oats.  With these simple ingredients we have learned to create impressive, delicious food and actually have never eaten such a varied selection of meals.  I’m impressed, and haven’t once felt like we are missing out – coming from a complete sugar addict this was a big (and very helpful?!) surprise.   The more we learn about nutrition, the better we eat and because of this, the better our bodies feel; enabling us more movement, more stamina, energy and alertness, quicker thinking and improved memory.. we are addicted, and so are the new generation of pro surfers it seems!

 To book your feel-good, surf training, health and wellness retreat or just some non stop surf guiding with Offshore Surf, check our website!
Big love to you all out there, and hope to see you soon in Morocco!
C and M xx

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