We not only want you, but also your board to arrive safely in Tamraght!

What you’ll need to bring your surfboard to Morocco in one piece:

☼ Board bag

☼ Fin key

☼ Additional clothes, wetsuits, towels, beanies… i.e. everything that won’t fit in your suitcase*

☼ Optional: Offshore shop board sock

Step 1.

Remove the fins from the board using the fin key and wrap them in something soft like a t-shirt.


Step 2.

Put the screws back in to avoid them from snagging on anything.


Step 3.

Get a mate to help put your hot new Moroccan board sock from the Offshore Shop on (make sure the ends are well covered).


IMG_7260.JPGStep 4.

Place it inside the board bag and get the straps out.


Step 5.

Wrap the board in towels and soft items and strap the board in.



Step 6.

Roll the rest of your clothes tightly and place them around the edge of the board to protect the rails.



Step 7.

Remember to remove any unwanted cats.


IMG_7276.JPGStep 8.

Zip up your bag and get stoked about the waves!





Additional notes:

Remove the old wax off your board if travelling to a warmer country

*you can swap these out for cardboard, bubble wrap, foam pipe, duct tape if you’d like to be extra precautious


Article and Ffion captured by Rachel McCoy.

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