Surf blown out today? No problem. The launch of Taghazout’s new skatepark means we’re shredding more than just waves.

Onlookers at Taghazout skate park Morocco watch a boarder on the half piper

It’s windy on the southern Atlantic coast. I had my window open as we sped down the highway, enjoying the feeling when the air’s so fast it takes your breath with it. The surf was going off but we were stoked about something more concrete today.

Beautiful Moroccan coastline and surfing beaches

Right by the highway, in prime position overlooking the ocean, was the wonderful new skate park. Crossing the wide road to it I wondered how such a strange and genius location was decided.

People crowding around the new skate park in Taghazout Morocco overlooking the sea

The place could handle a crowd. Hoards of local and international people perched along the sides and filled the bowl, photographers, film makers, families, and skaters whizzing around, stacking it and getting straight back up again. The vibe was electric, I noted how ecstatic everyone looked and wondered in what other circumstance I’d encounter such an eclectic group of people. The one thing that brought them here was their love for skating. Mbarek told me the local kids finally had their dream come true, and right in time for the New Year.

skate boarders and onlookers at new Moroccan skate park Taghazout

With Morocco having an estimated skating population of 5000 people, our little piece of paradise was finally granted the facilities the community so desperately needed, and it’s definitely not a place exclusively for seasoned pros either. I hopped onto the half pipe and watched as person after person reached the deck before falling onto their backs, elbows and knees, wincing and laughing the whole time. Mbarek sped around the sides, narrowly missing the determined kids. I noticed a heap of children and adults learning and my impression is that the beauty of the place is in it’s inclusiveness, uniting people and allowing everyone to have a go.


The skatepark itself is a regional sized flow park, featuring plenty of ramps, a half pipe, and little details like volcanoes and fun boxes. From our surf camp, drive along the highway to Taghazout and you’ll spot it in no time, in all it’s glory before the final turn off. Skate and surf packages are coming soon to Offshore for the adventurers down to shred any surface.

close up shot of skate boarder grinding on the half pipe in Taghazout's skate park

A huge thank you to the guys at Make Life Skate Life for building this wonderful new addition to our lives on the Moroccan coast.

Follow them on instagram here and check out the full story in their video below.

Words and photos by Romy McCoy.

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