This week sees two awareness days which celebrate and raise awareness of two things we’re very much passionate about here at Offshore Surf Morocco: World Environment Day, and World Oceans Day. We love and respect the ocean − it gives us our job, it’s our playground and we think salt water is the answer to all problems. 

This year, World Oceans Day is all about highlighting what we can do to save our oceans. There’s a rapidly growing consciousness around the world of the URGENCY of the plastic crisis, and we think this is great. Everyone’s getting involved: most recently, UK café chain Boston Tea Party have banned all disposable cups in a bold move to inspire other businesses.

In the UK, Blue Planet 2 taught three things: the plastic crisis is urgent as hell, it can be undone, and it’s down to US to change things! We’d like to share what we’ve been doing over here in Morocco to help turn the tide on plastic waste, and we’ve included some of our top tips on how to make a difference without too much hassle.

We’ve been working hard with our Trash Challenge project since the beginning of Ramadan this year. The idea is to engage as many people as possible all over the world, wherever they are by challenging 3 friends to pick up a bag of trash and sharing their selfies. We can all make a difference and it only takes a little awareness and effort on our part!

The good thing already about Morocco is that everything has a price here, old, new, barely working, not working AT ALL there’s always someone who will give a ‘good price’ for that old sewing machine. This culture of ‘make do and mend’ is definitely sparking back to life slowly in some parts of Western society.

Together we can make a difference and turn around disposable habits, to take responsibility for the things we consume and throw away. Here are our top tips to become an ocean warrior:

  • Take part in our Trash Challenge! Embark on a 2 Minute Beach Clean (or more!), post your selfie and tag three friends.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle Most people will be glad to refill your water when you tell them your cause!
  • Think twice about buying that convenient packet of sliced watermelon! Watermelon (and many other fruits for that matter) have their very own perfect packaging.
  • Plan your meals. You’ll feel a hell of a lot better for the clean eating! 
  • Do you really need the fizzy drink in your basket? Cut plastic bottled beverages out, they take 450 years to decompose.
  • Stay in the know. Keep up to date with global news and events, be active, this change is only possible if everyone is involved and supporting the cause together.
  • Travel sustainably. Invest in some good reusable cutlery, Keep Cup and tupperware.
  • Shop at a charity shop, it’s more fun anyway.

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