Why learn to surf in Morocco? Read on for our lowdown on everything surf in Morocco!

For beginners, Morocco is a year round surf destination. The North Atlantic swell reaches us in clean lines and the changing shoreline offers options for all levels, whatever the conditions. Beach, point and reef breaks scatter our local coastline within the 70km surrounding Offshore Surf and we are spoilt for choice for perfect, beginner waves. You are never too far from a wave that suits your level either if you’re more experienced, with world class spots on our doorstep!


Beginners and longboarders have clean mellow waves all year round, but the best time to surf BIG waves in Morocco is from September until April due to the winter Atlantic swell reaching our shores during these months. These are the waves that have made Morocco the perfect destination for experienced surfers looking for pumping swell, glorious winter sunshine and an African surf adventure. During these months our surfing high season the best surf takes place on point and reef breaks, plus some epic secret spots in between. It’s at these times that we take our beginners to the protected beach breaks for the ultimate conditions to learn to surf.

The summer months, between May and August, are just as perfect for beginners and intermediates wanting to progress as those sheltered spots are during the winter months. During summer time you find small to medium swell on sandy bottom beach breaks, especially good for starting out in the surfing world.  It is also a great time to have fun in the water with uncrowded warm water surf. The water temperature peaks around August time, at a balmy 22c, whilst the air temperature around this time can reach as high as mid 30s! Waves on average during the summer months are around 3-4ft at local spots. Wetsuit or no wetsuit, these temperatures see our surfers making the most of their time in the water! **


Morocco has surf spots all along the coast line but most surf breaks are found in the south of the country, between Essaouira and Agadir.  And that’s exactly where Offshore Surf is located, above Taghazout Bay in a quiet little surf and fishing village.Tamraght sits on the edge of the surrounding mountains, and we are lucky enough to overlook the village, mountains and ocean, seeing past Anchor Point as far North as Boilers from our roof terrace. Check the conditions before you step foot outside with our binoculars at breakfast!

For the advanced surfers, Anchor Point is an iconic must if you surf in Morocco. Just North of Taghazout, this is one of two (Banana point) point breaks within 5km of us at Offshore. When it’s working, it produces epic hollow walls that peel all the way into Taghazout. More spots in the area not to be missed are Killer Point, Boilers, Draculas, Mysteries, Spiders, Imsouane and Tiffnit.. to name just a few that pick up the pumping swell!


Join us at Offshore Surf Morocco whatever the time of year, to learn to surf with our professional surf instructors in small groups. With our focus on your progression in the water and finding empty waves, your surfing will improve in heaps and bounds during your time with us, thanks to our individual training schedules for each of our surfers.

For those big wave surfers, join us from October – April and we will find you the ultimate winter swell wave everyday!

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** At Offshore we provide 3mm Ripcurl wetsuits, optional for you to wear in summer of course!


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