My favourite thing about Offshore is not a thing, but a mix of feelings, people and moments. I’m gonna try to explain what I mean by creating a list.

Here I go. About my experience working at Offshore, these are the things that I liked the most:

I liked waking up early in the morning to do my yoga morning routine and finding Loubna (aka best cook ever) already in the kitchen preparing the breakfast and whispering good morning to me with a smile on her face.

I liked seeing the guests’ faces just before going to the beach. Some of them looking nervous because it was their first lesson, some excited to move into green waves, others determined to stand on the board as many times as possible, but all of them with a smile on their face.

I liked having surfing lessons with Mbarek and specially having some guests coming to me saying how good the lesson was. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and this passion makes everyone pay special attention to his instructions. I also have to mention his patience with everyone. Even me. Thanks for having to deal with my tears on the water in more than one occasion.

I liked going back from the beach and finding Charlotte at the door welcoming us and asking us about our day and if we could ride a green wave (in my case that was my usual goal of the day). She would always make sure every guest was having a nice day and would also help them in anything she could.

I liked getting excited about dinner every single day. The food at Offshore is delicious. But not normal delicious, seriously delicious. Like no guest in 3 months that I’ve stayed in the camp hasn’t asked for at least one recipe during its stay for. So yeah, as I mentioned before, Loubna is the best cook ever.

I liked admiring the sunsets from the terrace, and I’m not exaggerating if I say that I currently have on my camera roll at least 20 sunsets from the Offshore terrace. They are stunning.

I liked the feeling before getting new guests and imaging how they would look like or how good their surfing skills would be.

I liked so many little details like the way Loubna and Khadija would pronounce my name, the smell of sunscreen on my skin for the majority of the day, as well as the sand on my feet/hair/face and basically every corner of my body. Also, the shape of the furniture and colours of the walls, just to mention a few.

And lastly, I liked the people. I’m not gonna write about every one of them because you would be reading for an hour, so I’m just gonna say an adjective about them and invite you all to come see if the word I’ve chosen to describe them is the right one.

Charlotte = empathetic, Mbarek = patient, Berit = organized, Georgie = talented, Ahmed = motivated, Loubna = dexterous, Khadija = cheeky

I hope this list has helped you all understand why my favourite thing about Offshore is not a thing but a mix of feelings, people and moments. I’m definitely gonna miss this place but I also know this is not a goodbye cause I’m gonna come back and visit for sure!




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