We want your trip to Morocco to run like clockwork

From the minute you land in our beautiful country, we will take care of everything for you.

See below for a list of commonly asked questions but don’t be afraid to email us if your question isn’t answered here, we are always happy to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There seem to be more options to fly to Marrakech Airport.  How far away is it from Agadir?

Marrakech is 260km from Agadir, approximately 3.5hrs by taxi or bus. There are two air conditioned bus services that run between the two cities, and a single journey costs €12 per person. The bus station is just a 5 minute taxi ride from Marrakech airport, and we will collect you from Agadir bus station when you arrive.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco as a female solo traveller?

As with any country, as a solo traveller you need to be aware of your surroundings, but Morocco and especially small villages like Tamraght are very friendly.  Around 600,000 British nationals visit Morocco every year and most visits are completely trouble-free.

What facilities are in the village?

Tamraght is a quiet fishing and surf village situated on the hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  We have several restaurants, cafes and bakeries, 3 surf shops and plenty of convenience stores.  The nearest ATM is a 15 minute walk to Banana Village, or 5 minutes by car.

What shall I expect to wear around the village? At the beach?

To respect the locals, please dress modestly whilst in the village and avoid revealing clothing.

Whilst at the beach, bikinis and shorts are fine, but nudity isn’t..!

What shall I bring with me?

Bring SPF 50+ waterproof suncream, swim wear, sun glasses, beach towel, cap, shorts and tshirts and something longer for the evening when it’s a little cooler.

How much spending money will I need?

You won’t need much spending money, but bring some for the meal out, and for any souvenirs you’d like to buy.

What will the water temperature be?


What size waves can I expect?

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What qualifications do my surf coaches have?

Our head coach Mbarek is qualified to International Surf Association (ISA) level 2, and has been teaching with this qualification for over 10 years.  The rest of our team have at least ISA level 1 qualifications, a huge wealth of surfing experience and a love like no other for the ocean!

Can I join yoga classes whilst I am here?

Yes! Yoga classes can be added at anytime whilst you are staying with us to stretch y

and each class will cost €10.

Can I explore the local area? -Souk etc..!

How big are the group sizes for surf lessons?

What sort of surfboard will I use?

Can I drink the tap water in Morocco?

Is there an ATM nearby?