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Discover the Amazigh culture

We offer day hikes or entire hiking trips in the surrounding mountains from 1-7 nights with Onshore Hiking Morocco.

We created Onshore Hiking to provide not only breathtaking hiking trips, but to take you on an historical and cultural journey into the Amazigh way of life in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains starting just minutes from our village. There is so much more to discover in Morocco, let us take you there with our expert guides!

Discover the incredible people in the countryside, the fascinating wildlife, explore the deserted peaks, learn about the Amazigh culture with our knowledgeable guides and look out for the goats in trees on our hikes into the Moroccan wilderness, a stone’s throw from the ocean. Choose the level of your hike, and we will create a trip you won’t forget!

Mountain hiking holiday morocco

Join us for the perfect mix of surfing, yoga and hiking, taking you to your limits as we guide you along an incredible journey both inland and at the coast.  All hikes are graded according to length and fitness level required and there are hikes for all levels and ages.

With hikes from 2km-20km, we tailor make your trip to fit what you want to get out of it. Looking for the highest peaks? Or more of a gentle walk along the natural pools and a tea break in a local family’s home? We’ve got you covered, along with everything else in-between!

Mountain Hiking holidays in Morocco

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to explore more than just the World Class Waves in Morocco.

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